CARPAL - Street Furniture - CARPAL - Poles for street lighting

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The new market requirement combined with the growing stimuli for innovation have made us ask the attention on the most complicated, but at the same time the most attractive world of the URBAN FURNITURE, in which elements such as shapes, lights, colors and curves combined together can recreate an infinity of new styles and new solutions.
The pole takes connotations that in the past were unimaginable, passing from a cold iron rod to an awesome piece of furniture, straight, semispherical, wavy, pointed, two-tone, overturned, inclined...
we could continue indefinitely but the pages that follow, in a simple and explanatory way, they realize our projects.
We present a series of solutions already implemented, and to follow schematize the main ones furniture lines.
In case you need different sizes, lines or shapes, do not hesitate to contact us, a young and dynamic staff will be at your disposal to satisfy even the most bizarre requests.


P. IVA e C.F.: 02839961212
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