CARPAL - Tapered Poles for Video Surveillance System and Accessories - CARPAL - Poles for street lighting

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Our poles for video surveillance systems and ZTL are built using tapered poles longitudinally induction welded, made of S235JR sheet steel (UNI EN 10219-01).
The pipes of different diameters are joined together by circumferential welding in correspondence of the tapers.
The following processes are carried out at each post:
     -   cable entry slot;
     -   application of the grounding pocket;
     -   slots and / or cable exit holes at different heights.

The cylindrical supports for video surveillance systems and ZTL are made of S235JR steel different diameters and thicknesses, with a protrusion ranging from 2,000 mm to a maximum of 6,000 mm.
Made on reinforced couplers for pole fixing.
Each arm is correlated with special lanyards, redances, clamps and bolts for the installation.

The galvanization of the materials is obtained by immersion in melted zinc tanks whose thickness of the zinc layer complies with the UNI EN ISO 1461 standards.

The poles are built in compliance with the UNI EN 40-5 and related standards:
Dimensions and tolerances: UNI EN 40-2;
Materials: UNI EN 40-5;
Specification of characteristic loads: UNI EN 40-3-1;
Verification by calculation: UNI EN 40-3-3;
Surface protection: UNI EN 40-4.
Each pole is equipped with a CE adhesive label.

P. IVA e C.F.: 02839961212
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